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The Appalachian Gurus


The Appalachian Gurus podcast is an empowering  educational platform and a diverse network hub. 
Our objective is to connect with creative souls and wellness practitioners who thrive on promoting wellness awareness, creative arts, sustainable designs, and who encourage living a mindful lifestyle in the Appalachian Mountains region. 

The podcast episodes will include/host:
1. Educational art, energy, design and spiritual topics
2. Wellness practices 
3. Talented speakers, influencers and gifted human beings

Our manifesto, is living zen, as a collective we aim at re-creating a nurturing community in the Modern world. 
Our platform provides a supportive environment for members to explore their spiritual journey, connect with like-minded individuals, create a diverse tapestry of energy experiences, and engage in wellness activities such as mediation, dance, prayer, yoga and communal rituals.

Invitees: Artists, creative souls, content creators,  coaches, chefs, complementary & wellness practitioners, energy healers, homesteaders, gardeners, musicians, performers, designers,  medicine practitioners, photographers, shamans, scientists, spiritual healers, yogis, visionaries, writers, and new age enthusiasts...etc.

*The Podcast content should not be taken as a medical advice.
**The Podcast does not focus on the  history of the Appalachian culture, nor heritage/folklore.
***There are no restrictions on joining our community If you are not a resident of the Appalachian Mountains, we welcome artists, energy workers, designers and complementary wellness practitioners from all over the world.

The actual Guru is the light of your own consciousness.

You Rock!!!